Ready. Set. Share. Plan X™ fleet.

Plan your own fleet of mobility solutions by Plan X™. For schools. For businesses. For real estate communities.

Xceptionally easy fleet
management & set-up

Your Brand

Your logo. Your colours. Your happy people.

Your Hardware

We sell vehicles to you at cost, GPS equipped, and anti-theft enabled.

Your Rules

You set your prices, operating hours and zoning.

Our Software

Includes fleet management data tracking / sharing capabilities.

Our Pricing

Plan X will charge a simple, flat service fee for every ride.

Our process


Tell us your vision. Share your plan. Let’s work as a team.


Together we’ll determine the perfect fleet size and tools to achieve your goals.


Kick-off your operations with strong support and training.


Get all the data required to optimize your operations and meet government regulations.

A photo of a plan X electric scooter

For businesses and communities

1 in 4 micro-mobility trips are to a social event. In a November 2019 survey of micro-mobility riders from Washington, D.C., 72% of riders stated that they have visited more local businesses and explored more local attractions since using micro-mobility solutions.

Plan your fleet today

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