We are Plan X™

A mobility liberation company

About us

Plan X™ is a mobility company focused on enabling humanity everywhere the ability to come and go as they please, wherever, whenever, with environmentally friendly, affordable and safe transportation solutions.

We are the cross road of work and play, effectiveness and environmentalism, safety and fun. We’re focused on making people as productive and happy as possible with the city in which they live because the majority of transportation barriers have been removed.

Safety Plan

Free Helmets. Education that localized. Less cars on the road. And rewards for responsible riding and parking. We take safety seriously so everyone can breathe easy. Read more.


All of our mobility solutions are emissions free and powered by electricity . Also, we focus on high quality transportation that stands the test time to reduce the need for repair or replacement.

First Mile

We work with municipalities to deploy transportation solutions in high density areas and those requiring improved access mass transit options (commonly referred to as “Transit Deserts”). Plan X is what accessible and equitable transportation looks like.

Last Mile

Getting from mass transit to places of work, play, shopping or sightseeing. Last mile solutions unlock the productivity potential of a city.

Career opportunities

Community Partnership Manager
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Customer Experience Manager
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Fleet Manager
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Regional Manager
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